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The First Wine Tasting of 2015!

Opening TimesOur first wine tasting of 2015 will be on February 21st 2pm-7pm – so make sure you pencil it into your diaries…

As always, there’ll be 5 new wines to taste – aimed at giving you an idea of what to expect this year! Tastings happen in store and are free!. All tasting wines will be 10% off on the day, although there is no obligation to buy…

Plus it will give you a chance to browse some of our great new offers, spirits and local beers.

Look forward to seeing you on the 21st February!

Wines from New Zealand Wine Tasting, Saturday 12th May!

New Zealand Wine Tasting in Bournemouth and Poole!It’s time for our May Wine Tasting… !

This month we’re staying ‘down-under’ and moving across to the increasingly popular wines of New Zealand. Many of you will be familiar with the rise in popularity of kiwi sauvignon blanc over the last few years…

In fact it has almost become a ‘brand’ in itself as the big chains try and cash in on its achievements. But a lot of it is now mass-produced with high levels of sulphur and additives… (the worst ones are bulk-bottled here in the UK!).

Buy New Zealand Wine Online

As most of you know, we always try and seek out real, characterful wines from smaller, independent producers that are bottled in the region and also have lower levels of sulphur and chemicals.

We’ll be sampling 4 whites and 2 reds from four different regions across the two islands… all different grape varieties and styles… guaranteed to cheer you up during this very wet spring… (‘tho looks a bit better this w/end..)…

Something to suit all palates I hope!

Remember, in order to spread the wines evenly, they are limited to 2 bottles (of each) max. purchase on the day, but of course will be available (in varying quantity) thereafter. Don’t forget all wines will be 10% off on the day.

Also, as usual, many bin-ends and offers to check-out… ‘genuine discounts’ and not the so-called ‘1/2 price’ deals found elsewhere… !

We’ll kick-off around 2pm and end up at 7pm. It’s a ‘free, walk-in’ tasting and a good chance to sample something ‘new’, or perhaps a bit different from your normal choice.

Anyhow, very much hope you can join us on Saturday, if not, pop in soon and see our excellent range. (Including the best range of Local Beers + Cider and premium Spirits & Liqueurs!).